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Badger Architecture

Badger Architecture is the culmination of five years of work at GoodAI. We developed an understanding that what we want is an agent that can quickly adapt to novel tasks.



Latest blog posts

GoodAI Research team introduces Badger to NeurIPS 2020

December 20, 2020 GoodAI Research

The GoodAI Research team recently traveled to Vancouver, Canada for NeurIPS 2020 where they introduced the new Badger Architecture to many participants and had great discussions with some of the best minds in the industry!  The conference welcomed around 13,000.

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GoodAI release Badger Architecture

December 07, 2020 GoodAI Research

GoodAI has publically released the Badger Architecture which is the culmination of five years of work at GoodAI. Find out more about it and read the paper.

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GoodAI Solutions launches combining AI technology with industrial automation to benefit businesses

October 02, 2020 GoodAI Applied

Czech artificial intelligence company GoodAI has partnered with manufacturing leaders JHV-ENGINEERING to create GoodAI Solutions, a new company that will offer complex AI solutions and frameworks for businesses. GoodAI Solutions is using AI to help with predictive maintenance, visual inspections,.

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