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    “Perfect pitch” refers to the ability to recognize the pitch of a musical note.
    A person with “perfect pitch” can identify or re-create any given note.
    Can the sharp instincts that we have towards color,
    nurtured by technology dating back from the platemaking era and accumulation of experience
    be referred to as “perfect color pitch”?
    To not only identify color, but also recognize and express the “perfect color”
    by taking into consideration the texture of the paper or fabric, and the objective of the project is E&E Holdings’ “passion for color.”
    Our detailed knowledge on color is what leads to our exceptional quality.


    Quality is DetailStrong focus on detail, conveys E&E Holdings's quality.

    Color, texture, and visibility.Each and every detail is an indication of presence itself.
    We focus strongly on detail and commit to provide our customers
    with reproducible, reliable quality.


    Strong quality and reliability
    achieved by color management
    with a high degree of accuracy.

    We manage image quality, mainly by altering and modifying color produced by printers, digital proofs, and on-demand printers. Our persistence to perfect color is fostered from our experinence with drum scanners from the analogue proofing days, and we now have confidence in our ability to recreate the subtleness required in color management. In color management(CMS), we make adjustments to color using "i1pro" and output the renewed data through the calibration inkjet printer "Primojet" device profile system, which allows us to confirm the final outcome before it goes to print. The "Primojet" device is a product of FFGS Inc. and is currently used widely by various printing companies. The product to this day contiues to evolve, and E&E Holdings is proud to be a pioneer in its introduction.

    Color Management



    Making the ideal a reality,
    is what we provide with our high accuracy technology.

    We will produce a print edition based on the data provided by the customer. If necessary we will make adjustments to the images and overall layout to achieve the outcome that is required. We are able to accommodate a wide variety of data, not only those created by the latest applications, but also those created using old applications or office data such as Word/Excel/PowerPoint. We provide services not only for production (such as design), but also for variable printing such as address labels for postcards and ticket numbering. Once we have edited the data, we will provide color proofs using a broadsheet inkjet printer so that the customer is able to check and confirm the outcome of the almost final product. With DTP, which is now the mainstream in producing print products, it is vital that accurate data be created. To clear this hurdle, E&E Holdings utilizes digital plate inspection machines to check accurately for flaws and faults in the final data. We appreciate requests and opinions from our customers and strive to provide them with high quality products, in an envirotnment equipped with a wide range of tools and highly skilled operators.


    Time, Cost, Quality, Quantity.
    The ideal printing system
    that makes every element more efficient.

    E&E Holdings owns one of the few digital publishing systems in Tokyo that operates on-demand printers, making possible a high speed mass production model. In particular, the “business card online order system” for corporate customers has constant sales averaging 1000 boxes per day (3000 boxes in the busy season). And in preparation for the prospect of high demand from the “one-to-one market”, we are also focusing on variable printing to support advertising methods that match the client’s tastes using postcards, DM, and pamphlets.

    POD(Print On Demand)

    Quality is slightly inferior to that of standard offset printing, but E&E's state of the art on-demand printing is very satisfactory. On-demand printing is a printing system suited for high-mix low-volume production. Unlike the traditional printing methods where large quantity production was the norm, production from as few as one copy is possible. Therefore we are able to accomodate orders for products "in necessary quantities", quickly and at low cost. Also, because we output directly from supplied data, alteration and reprinting is possible.

  1. POD(Print On Demand)
  2. POD(Print On Demand)
  3. Dream Labo

    Dream Labo

    This new photo printer "Dream Labo" is able to recreate, with maximum quality, the beauty of photos. And because the products are in full color, we can accomodate orders in small quantites for very low prices. We can recreate subtle differences in color and express deepness, solidity, and clearness, by using 7 color dye.

    Dream Labo

    Variable Printing

    Rather than sending DM to a non-exclusive group of people, the response and open rates would increase dramatically with DM and pamphlets matching each client’s age group and taste. Variable printing enables us to include not only messages but also variable images to make a more appealing DM.

    Variable Printing

    Through Security Measures

    Inclusion of personal information cannot be avoided when it comes to business cards and variable printing. These days, with a high demand for prevention of information leakage and compliance control, security measures are an important agenda for printing companies. E&E Holdings deals with customers’ personal information with highly supported security measures, such as earning the use of the “PrivacyMark”, thoroughly respecting the compliance of our personal information protection policy, and limitation of entrance to our print facility by fingerprint authentication.

    Through Security Measures


    Takebashi Printing Center

    Takebashi Printing Center

    The Takebashi Printing Center is a comprehensive printing center in which both “host” companies and “rental office” companies come together to complete the entire printing process, from planning to production to print-processing and delivery, within a single building. Taking advantage of the specialties of each company, and the convenience of being located in central Tokyo, we are able to accommodate all of our clients’ needs.

    The makings of a Comprehensive Printing Center

    Host Company
    Host Company
  4. ・Companies that house printing machines and output equipment within the center
  5. ・Companies that house their head office and sales office within the center
  6. Rental Office Company
  7. ・Companies whose head office is located elsewhere (in Japan) and use the center as a base for their Tokyo sales office
  8. ・Each company has their individual specialty and are from different industries
  9. Available services

    Available services

    *Please Inquire Directly Regarding Specific

  10. ・Content and printing
  11. ・Planning/design production
  12. ・Scanning/image processing
  13. ・DTP production
  14. ・Platemaking (film/CTP)
  15. ・Color proofing
  16. ・Offset printing
  17. ・On-demand printing
  18. ・Offset rotary printing
  19. ・Typography/letterpress/intaglio
  20. ・Specialty printing
  21. ・Input and output service
  22. ・Bookbinding
  23. ・Processing (various)
  24. ・Business Cards/Envelopes/Postcards
  25. ・Novelty
  26. ・Brush writing
  27. ・Seasonal products
  28. ・Label Seal
  29. ・Form printing
  30. ・Package/Packaging material
  31. ・WEB production/picture
  32. ・Sign display
  33. ・Inkjet Printing
  34. ・Marketing
  35. Online Shop

    Low cost, high quality
    online printing website "Enet Print"

    Enet Print is an online printing website that accomodates a wide variety of services from off set printing to digital printing. We provide leaflet/flyer printing, booklet printing, and other services at affordable prices. The quality of our services are of course, up to "E&E standards". We have also prepared an English site for non Japanese speakers.

    Online Shop



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