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      Farmers and partners in Myanmar learn about improved rice straw mushroom production
      IHRS Seed Production Training CourseGateway to the new generation of hybrid rice breeders
      IRRI secures ASEAN Member States (AMS) endorsement for ASEAN Rice NetSharing seeds for prosperity
      IRRI leads development of climate mitigation CBA tool for rice production in Vietnam


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      We work with key actors from these regions through our in-country offices to develop actionable research analyses and recommendations on country-specific agricultural initiatives.

      Beyond these areas, we also work with other country partners through our global research programs and networks. 

      Learn more about IRRI's regional initiatives here and explore how we can collaborate. 

    49. Bangladesh
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    56. Myanmar
    57. Philippines
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    59. Vietnam
    60. Burundi
    61. Mozambique
    62. Tanzania
    63. Kenya
    64. China
    65. South Korea
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